Monday, August 16, 2010

Reading Hezekiah, Spiritual Renewal... great study this morning regarding personal revival.

The last two paragraphs really hit home:

Revival must not only reflect the unity and corporate strength of a congregation, it must also touch individual hearts. Without personal application, revival will have no effect on an individual's life. A revival may fall greatly upon the gathering of a congregation. However, each person is responsible for his individual responsiveness to the Lord.

In the last part of the verse, the expression "free heart" in the Hebrew text emphasized a person's willingness and personal motivation. In other words, the people were not forced to bring thanksgiving and offerings. Personal motivation and willingness are essential for revival. Hezekiah knew that the revival would not be genuine if the people were forced to worship. They had to come to the Lord of their own will and personal motivation. So must we.

Praying for personal revival, my family, friends, church and our great nation.  Let us rebuild what we have let decay...let each of us be willing and motivated to make a difference, to be different and to set ourselves apart.  

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