Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The days are evil...

The days are evil.  For some of us, that hits home heart, it breaks our hearts, and each of us have personally and spiritually reeled from the havoc of evil.  I have wrestled with writing again and have realized that true healing only comes from being immersed in His Word for more than just study reasons.  I love my bible, I love Jesus, I believe He is Lord and He is the only way.  Honestly, too often when I am hurting and sadness crashes in, I cry out to him and withdraw from His Word, the very thing that can heal my heart and strengthen me.  I hate that.  I hate that I am so weak sometimes and let the oppression sneak in. 

Thank you Lord for your grace, patience, and love, Your unconditional, redeeming love. 

People hate the words evil, sin, and wrong.  People of the world.  It is not popular.  As you consider, argue and reason against the use of the word evil, let me share a biblical definition of evil.  Evil is the opposite of good (Gen 2:9,17).  As not good, it always proves harmful and causes loss and suffering.  Religious or spiritual evil is the opposite of righteousness; it is sin.  (Ez 20:43; 33:11-13; Mark 7:21-23).  (Wycliffe Bible Dictionary p.558)  

Isaiah 5:20 that says, “destruction is certain for those who say that evil is good and good is evil; that dark is light and light is dark; that bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter.”

The only antidote to such evil is the cleansing work of Christ. 

Is it any wonder that people want to reject Jesus Christ?  He calls us to follow Him, go, and sin no more.  So many want to hang onto the things they love and recreate a Jesus that is tolerant and will accept anything if they just claim His name.  If so, why would He have to die?  There would be no reason, no choice to ever be made, no struggles, no real right and wrong.  That is the Jesus of Oprah, Obama, Tom Cruise, Hollywood and the majority of the world because it is easy and does not cost us our stuff, the laying down of our lives...  He is more than a get out of hell free card and He certainly is not a curse word.

The real Jesus changes lives.  No other religion, belief has this Jesus, the Holy One, the One who gives life, eternal life. 

Evil touches so many others besides ourselves.  You can believe that individual sin does not affect any one other than yourself.  That is a lie from the depths of hell easily gobbled up to rationalize and excuse sin. But there is hope, evil will not win.  “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28. What satan tries to use to destroy us, God will turn to good! He will be glorified. 

So I close with my Facebook friend and Pastor in Colorado, Al Smith.  His words of wisdom spoke volumes this morning.  "…study the Bible as if your life depended on it, AND study as if other lives depended on it.  Because they both do.”


  1. I love you Melissa! This si great stuff. Keep it up sista!

  2. Good word - creating your own version of Jesus is a direct violation of God's command: "You shall not make for yourself an idol or any likeness of what is in heaven..."