Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Death of Elizabeth Edwards

Yesterday Elizabeth Edwards passed away from her long and difficult battle with cancer. Last night and this morning I have had the news on watching clips from Elizabeth Edwards and her family.  I grieve for her children and the loss of their mom.  Having just a few of the similar struggles in my life that she had in hers, I genuinely appreciate and respect her strength and the obvious dedication she had to her children.  How heavy her heart had to have been for each of them as her condition worsened. While politically she and I  would disagreed on most issues, I admire her as a mother who walked a hard road with her head up.  She had strength, grit and grace in what are each challenging, humiliating and heartbreaking situations.  She also had to do it publicly with her family struggles being broadcast on the news and being watched by millions. Doing so in private is difficult enough. She courageously faced cancer after walking through the death of a son and then have it topped off with the infidelity of her husband and his behavior.  She was able to keep it together for her children and show courage and strength as many watched her struggles.  Each one of these things is hard enough on its own.

Still, knowing it is not politically correct, I will speak the name of Christ.  Jesus Christ is all that matters as we draw our last breath here and step into eternity.  I  hope she knew Jesus as her Savior, I pray for her children and people close to her at this time, for the loss of someone they loved greatly. I pray they are drawn to Him during this time. For the record, I have no knowledge of her heart, her faith nor am I saying anything negative about this woman or her family.  Only God really knows the heart of a person and only He is able to judge. He is the only hope any of us have, the only way to heaven.  He is the Way, the Truth, the Life.  John 14:6 and Hebrews 11:6.  We must believe He is.  It is too easy to forget Christ at Christmas.  When Christmas is coupled with the death of a loved one, it makes holidays even harder for families.  I lost my grandmother the day before Christmas five years ago.  I know she is with the Lord and I will see her again.  It was evident in her life and I grew up knowing the faith and absolute belief of my grandparents.  As a teenager, I watched her and my family as we walked through the loss of my Pa Pa to cancer before the holidays.  Each of us has been touched by death.  The world can look at person, see the good things and assume heaven is the automatic destination.  Good people go to hell.  Both the lost and saved suffer the consequences of sin.  Without Christ, hell is a person’s destination no matter what they do here, good or bad.  The gift of salvation is available to any who are willing to receive Him.  Hell is often a truth seen too late.  It all hinges on a choice.   

Jesus took someone like me, the worst kind of sinner, changed my heart, changed my life.  I know that when it is my time and I face death, my last breath here will be my first of being in His presence, I will forever be with Christ.  Would you like to know God personally?  Click here.

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