Monday, December 6, 2010

I Need You To Love Me

I believe it is the cry in the hearts of every little girl, of every woman to be loved.  To be loved and accepted for who they are, not what they offer or how they look.  I believe women have that desire, a need to be cherished, protected and sacrificed for.  My friend Michelle gave her testimony in our Sunday school class.  Her story is a story of restoration and God's grace in her life and the change He made, and only He was able to make in her heart. Each of us seeks to fill that desire, that empty place in our heart with so many things, and not all of them bad.  However, satan will take what God intends for our good and twist and turn it to destroy us, kill us if he can.  At the very least, he purposes to take by whatever means necessary our hope, our strength, our self-worth.  His goal is to destroy us, turn us away from Jesus by any and all means necessary. 

As Michelle shared her story with us, she closed by reading our friend's blog about a girl who I think just wanted to be loved for who she was.  I know that Michelle could have easily ended up as this young woman, truthfully, any one of us could.  My heart hurts today for the life that was taken, for the woman she was, for those that love her and will miss her.  Sadly, to some people, her life and the loss of it is judged not worth much because of her life circumstances.  She was a daughter, a mother, a sibling and a friend.  Somehow she found herself used and abused, made choices for whatever reason until her very life was taken from her.  We only have to turn on the news to see how bad things really are.  There is battle for our souls.  Just in the last week the news spoke of a daddy who murdered his own children, of children being sold into the sex trade and young women being murdered in our small community...  Lord help us. 

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Grace is not simply leniency (mercy) when we have sinned. Grace is the enabling gift of God not to sin. Grace is power, not just pardon.  ~John Piper