Saturday, December 4, 2010

Moments That Matter

I remember like yesterday when I found out I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. This was one of the most important defining moments in my life.  I was sitting in the floor still shocked that I was pregnant (at 32, you would think I would have understood this concept).  At that moment, the blinders were removed and for the first time I saw myself, my life and the choices I had been making clearly. Deep down, I had always known.  In retrospect, I can now see the spiritual battle that had been going on all around me that I was oblivious to, that I willfully ignored.  However, in that moment, I was broken at who I was, what I had become, the junk in my life and where it was headed.  I knew that new little life formed in my tummy needed and deserved better than what I was and the way I was living.  I knew at that precise moment I was not who God wanted me to be nor was I living as the woman He created me to be.  I considered myself a Christian.  The reality was, He was not Lord of my life or any part of my life.  Some changes were immediate, some were slow coming, and many (thankfully) are still in the works. I never want to quit growing. 


Two specific accounts in the Bible of the women and their encounters with Christ (John 4:1-45 and John 8:1-11) are reminders of my life and who I was.  Thankfully, that moment, my encounter with Christ and making Him Lord of my life changed me.  He continues to change me, in spite of myself, in the midst of all our circumstances.  That defining moment and the countless times I have had with Him since make a difference in me, who I am and who I want to be.  Walking with Him will make a difference in the lives of the three little people that watch me every day and see me as I really am.  Jesus makes the difference.  

The trials in each of our lives, the highs and lows can change us for the better, if we so choose.  Those moments when we decide whether to honor God or not, they matter. Not just to us; not just to our children, but also to our parents, families, friends and acquaintances.  I have shared with my daughter many times how the Lord used her to change my heart, to make a difference in my life, eternally.  Our story continues and even when I am gone from this short life here, those moments will continue to impact generations. As will yours. Post a comment about a pivotal moment in your life.  Let me know if you want it private and I will not publish your posts. I would really love to read them.

But if you don’t want to serve the LORD, then choose today whom you will serve.  As for me and my family, we will still serve the LORD.

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  1. The death of my grandmother was a pivotal time in my life. I learned that life ended and I had to come to grips with what I would do about eternity.