Saturday, December 11, 2010


Last night the girls and I met my good friend and her family at Narnia.  We loved it.  The girls were so excited to go see another "Kings & Queen's" movie. 

Take the time and invest in movies like this.  The only thing you will miss is bad language, naked people and immorality.  That is easy to catch and free on any TV station of your choosing at any time.  AND...You can still buy overpriced popcorn with fake butter, candy and drinks.  It is a good time, a good movie and you will leave feeling good.  Well, most of you.  One of the kids with us was crying at the end because they had to leave Aslan and Narnia.  I had to agree with her.  I love the CS Lewis books and have really enjoyed the collection of movies.

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  1. We went to see Narnia last night too! Absolutely loved it. Stephen kept calling poor Eustace, "useless." On the way home, we were talking about it, and I said, "Isn't great that God can even use the useless?"