Friday, April 22, 2011

Being Pro-Choice

That phrase carries a lot of weight.  I am pro-choice but not the way that most think.  I believe with all my heart that abortion is wrong, it is murder and should be illegal.  Now if you read any further, it will be your choice.  Haha.

That leads me to the greatest choice, the one single choice that matters most of all. 

Jesus forgave me of much.  He died for me, for all my sin.  For every stinking rotten thing I have said, done or thought….every last one, past~present~and future.  He willingly gave His life for the whole world.  Pray for people in your life, every person that crosses your mind, each person on your prayer list, family, friends and neighbors.  With Easter Sunday almost here, let's pray  that they have a real and fresh encounter with Him. Pray we see His sacrifice; His willingness to die for each of us, each one.  That we shake off the world’s idea of love and living and seek Him.  When we make THAT choice, we will begin to make a real difference.

Here is an awesome video if you have a few minutes.

Warning: This video contains violent imagery and may not be appropriate for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

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