Friday, May 20, 2011


Life is hard. 

Yet, there are three things that keep me going.  My girls.  God gave me three incredible girls.  I look back on my life and wonder what I ever had that mattered before.  I did a lot, had a lot of things, jobs, friends, hobbies and business.  I was reading in Matthew this morning about treasures. Right now, there isn't one thing on this earth that matters to me more than my children.  God blessed me times three.  How can I quit?  How can I not teach them about Him?  How can I let the hurts and things in life keep me from doing what He has clearly called me to do.  If your a parent, you have that same calling.   

I ran across this video when reading one of my favorite blogs Refine Us and it message was so powerful I had to post!  

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