Monday, July 11, 2011

Habitual Fellowship

This morning Mom's Toolbox kicked off day one of reading the Bible in 90 days.  In post this morning, she stated that over 1000 readers had stepped up to this challenge!!  The last number I read was a little over 650 just a few days ago!  This is exciting.  I am praying many lives will be forever changed and for the faithfulness of every person who has joined. 

This morning I found myself fighting the challenge and not wanting to get up and do it.  I don't want it to become a "duty" or something that I check off my list each day.  I prayed last night for the desire to jump in with both feet, for His Word to come alive as we each are reading daily. 

When reading about Noah in the Amplified version, Genesis 6:9 described Noah as one who walked in habitual fellowship with God.  The online dictionary says habitual is of the nature of a habit;  fixed by or resulting from habit.  I am praying against all things that come against each reader to keep us from this challenge.  I am asking for strength and for this to become a life habit ingrained in our character from now on!

Gen 4:7 says Sin in crouching at the door....or as GWT translates, "sin is lying outside your door ready to attack. It wants to control you, but you must master it!"  The Message says, "sin is lying in wait for you, ready to pounce; it's out to get you, you've got to master it."  Praying we each are aware of the things that will come at every turn to keep us out of His Word and we master it!  We are made to be courageous and it starts with each of us today!



  1. Great encouragement for today, Melissa! I am debating about blogging through the 90 day challenge. I haven't written in a while, so this may be a way to get me going again!!

  2. @JennyYou should Jen. I was just thinking that this morning when I was putting everything together. I was hoping you would!!