Thursday, September 8, 2011

Never victims...

As children of a Sovereign God, 
we are NEVER victims of our circumstances.  

Photos by Casey & Phillip Cole, Bastrop Texas
That truth was driven home for me this week with the fires in Texas.  I rarely watch the news, so I didn't realize the magnitude of destruction that has hit Texas until I started reading about it on Facebook.  I virtually watched as friends of mine stepped up and served others who had been evacuated and those who lost their homes in Bastrop, Texas.  While serving others needs, tragedy struck and they too lost their home.

When Melinda and I talked, at first neither of us could say much because we were both overcome with grief for the loss, it was now personal. I was thankful for the opportunity to encourage her just as she had encouraged me in the past. We both cried and voiced the same truth....God has a plan.  When things like this happen and your standing in the middle of an ash heap, that can be hard to see.  Yet, when we know this truth, we have peace, joy and even laughter in it.  There is hope.  

Random facebook picture, unknown source

What is so incredibly inspiring is the ability of Cody and Melinda Whitfill and their church to step up, praise God, and serve Him while walking through this. They know God is sovereign and His purpose is to bring good out of this fire and that this too is for His glory.  Here is a link from Click2Houston's News coverage and one of  the many news reports from a couple of days ago.
Each of our circumstances are all different.  We all have our seasons of fire, death, economic disaster, sickness, divorce, and personal hurts and tragedy.  During every one of these times, I hope others see Jesus in His people.  When we see others hurting, may we also become the hands and feet of Jesus.

When I saw the pictures of the fires like the one above, I imagined Jerusalem burning when Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon burned it and took the Jews captive.  Today, all around us there are fires, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes.  Our economy is in the toilet, it seems our country is on it's way to becoming a God-less, socialist nation.  BUT then, we see people like this...and know there is hope for our nation and the generation that knows His Name.   


  1. Wow...just wow. Thank you, M. Needed this perspective this morning. Continuing to pray for your friends and all those affected by the fires.

  2. Thank you for writing about this. I too, don't watch the news much so I didn't understand how severe it was. Sending prayers to Texas!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to share this post. It makes me stop to give thanks for the things I take for granted today. It is so easy to get caught up in our own little world.