Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I recently met a woman who issued us a challenge of picking words out of conversation and digging into their meanings. I decided to start taking these words and looking how they fit into our lives.  She had us start a "Journal of Words" that we encounter.  Recently the words impossible and unattainable have made it into my journal. Both from different conversations, but each used while discussing goals, desires and expectations. 

The words impossible and unattainable are really just excuses not to try.

I kept mulling over these words and thinking how often these words are used before we even begin things.  We all have dreams and goals.  We all hope for change.  Sometimes we try things and the door closes or it fails and we end up feel discouraged and hurt.  This can be especially confusing or hard when we felt it was something we were supposed to do.  Personally, I have struggled with doing what's right and still it not working out the way it's supposed to be or should be.  If I dwell on those things, I quickly find myself discouraged and wanting to give up.

I like Winston Churchill's quote about never, never, never give up.  Most people we consider life or world changers have a history of failing.  What makes them great is they get up, keep trying, keep fighting, they don't quit.  They don't not do something just because it seems impossible or too hard.  Maybe someones failure may just be what is needed to move forward, change a heart or perspective towards a situation or even towards another person.  The key is not to give up, not to quit.  Alex Kendrick (Actor & writer Courageous, Fireproof) said in an recent interview, "Would you rather have an easier road with less fruit or a harder road with more fruit?"  He went on to say, "Is God only worth being worshiped when He's good to you or is He worthy of our worship because He is God?"

"For nothing is impossible with God.”  Luke 1:37



  1. Love this idea of a word journal! Looks like you already switched back to the good old blogger template? Hope it wasn't too much trouble for you!

  2. M! I needed this. Love, appreciate and value you!


  4. How very encouraging and timely, if I do say so myself M!