Friday, October 14, 2011

A Controversial Documentary

"180" Movie is a controversial documentary that will make you stop and think.  It was made by Ray Comfort and his crew.  I have watched it numerous times, skimmed through reading the comments about it on YouTube.  Take a look at it for yourself.  Would love to hear your opinions, no matter what they are. It's 33 minutes, grab a cup of coffee and watch it. 

Indifference makes excuses, but love makes a way.


  1. Here's a link for the press release about the comments being made about this movie.

  2. This movie left me speechless and tearful. It needs to be viewed, pondered, and discussed, and the word spread. We need more powerful examples of getting to the reality of TRUTH with people todoay and now. Thank for sharing it, Melissa. I've done the same.