Sunday, October 30, 2011

God help us.

While at home with a sick daughter, I have spent the morning reading the news, blogs and such.   I was reading a post in the NY Daily News that I found on a Christian News Media this morning.  It was disturbing to say the least on so many levels.  As I scanned through a few of the comments, I became sad.  Sad for this child and the labels being thrown at him.  Sad over the name calling, the battle for "tolerance" and the hate filled intolerance toward those who dare stand for Truth.  Sad for the mom and grandmother and the path they have set before this child.  The very ones who bought the toys, the clothes and filled his room with these things.  It is the parents job to train a child as they should go.

Live, teach and speak Truth, in LOVE.  No matter what clever names, theories and new diseases are 'discovered'...  Sin is sin.  As believers, we cannot be guilty of calling what is good bad and what is bad good.  Yet, to be quiet and do nothing is to partake in it.  There is a daily assault on family values and morality in just about every form of media, video games, music....

We should be louder, bolder and braver in speaking out, equipping and teaching our children and youth to know how deal with these things. Children do not have the knowledge or discernment to choose what is or isn't right, they are to be taught.  Prepare them to be made fun of, bullied and hated.  The time isn't coming, it is here.  Parents don't be foolish to think they are not being confronted by their peers and pushed to fitting in with those around them. In schools everywhere children are being taught evolution, sex education, abortion, tolerance and other unhealthy lifestyles as being natural.  They are being told its okay and to accept all things because that is the way things are now.  Disciple your children instead of letting the world do it for you.

God help us, equip us and strengthen Your people.  Help us to stand and unite, regardless of denomination, age and profession to speak Your truth. We must stand up and fight for the upcoming generations.  We can no longer be passive nor were we ever supposed to be.    

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