Friday, January 6, 2012

Life. Death. Purpose.

Tuesday, January 3rd was the last day of our families Christmas vacation before we started back to the routine of school and tighter schedule.  I began celebrating this day with a trip to Dunkin Donuts with the girls.

As they enjoyed their donuts and I sipped my hot coffee, I received a call from my sister. One of my uncles had been tragically killed in a work related accident.  It took a little bit to set in. It didn't seem right.  Solomon was only 40.  I hadn't seen him in years but my childhood is filled to the brim with many favorite memories with all my aunts and uncles and our trips to see them each summer. Life gets busy.  Things change, they move, we move and we lose touch.  But the love is there and my heart hurts for each of my family members who are also grieving his death; the loss of someone who was greatly loved and admired.  Family is family, forever.  Too many miles, marriage, children, politics and religion will never change that.  I have been deeply saddened for many reasons at Solomon's death. I miss my aunts and uncles.  I miss not seeing them and knowing them and their children.

My uncle Gilbert quoted on facebook something my aunt Rosa often tells her kids.  She says,
"Live everyday ready for it to be your last, be sure that you are prepared.  Cherish each moment and always let the ones you love know it."  
I remember when they were dating and the party line Granddaddy had at the farmhouse in Carlsbad.  It was a small house filled to the brim with people and one bathroom...) but most importantly it overflowed with love. She's right.  We should live our life on purpose, prepared for each day to be our last, prepared to meet Jesus face to face. We also need to be purposeful in everything we do, every choice we make, big and small.

As I have gone through family facebook pages and my own family memories, I began wondering what if today were "the last day" for me?  ...what would people see, remember and miss? What would they read on my FB page, what would our kids share with others about our lives?  What is my legacy?

I have prayed a lot for my family, for their families.  More importantly, I have been blessed with an outpouring of love for my family by many of my friends and church family for my extended family....we are a large group; full of disFUNctional but a group of incredible people.  Life is short and we don't know when our last day will be.  My mom is the oldest of all the Robert's kids, one died at birth and now Solomon leaving behind 2 brothers and 8 sisters.  Solomon didn't wake up with the knowledge of it being his last day but it is a reminder to each of us of the brevity of our lives.  We are each given a number of days. I was reading Psalm 39 and it speaks of our numbered days and making the most of the time we have been given.

Live life with purpose. Through this tragedy, God has also given me "purpose" as my One Word for 2012. May God bless each family member and person that knew and encountered Solomon Roberts.  May they each and every one personally know Jesus as Lord and Savior. May they purposely pass that legacy on to their children. ~ Amen.

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