Monday, July 9, 2012

Henry Morris Study Bible KJV

Hello! I haven't blogged in a while. We ended school a little early for an important trip to Texas to tend to family matters. It has been really busy around here this year. As a result, we unplugged as a family and I have been limiting my time online. We unplugged the TV and other than a couple of movies or watching the tropical storm, it hasn't been on.

Several months ago, I joined a group on Facebook that reads and reviews books published by Master Books. Because I love to read and study, I happily welcomed the opportunity!

The timing could not be more perfect because our Sunday school group just started studying apologetics this year. I know that I will use the Henry Morris Study Bible for many years to come.

I highly recommend this study bible. This is a substantial book in size, weight and most importantly, content. This bible is written using the standard King James Version as basic text. This bible follows a literal approach to the Bible and supports literal biblical creationism.

Dr. Morris is known to both believers and skeptics alike as "the father of modern creation science." After a few times using this bible, I knew it will be a favored and invaluable resource for my own personal bible study and also will be used homeschooling my children. This bible is great for anyone who wants to be ready to give an answer for what they believe. It will become a treasured resource, especially in the area of apologetics.

Book Details:

Author: Henry Morris
Publisher: Master Books / New Leaf Publishing Group, Inc. (April 2012)
ISBN-13:  978-0-89051-657-7
ISBN-10:  0-89051-657X

  • Available in Hardcover and Genuine Leather
  • Contains Concordance and Full Color Maps
  • 22 Appendixes included in hopes that they will be of assistance in defending and propagating biblical Christianity and strengthening the faith and understanding of believers.
  • 2012 pages including Maps

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