Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our cultural health.

  • Violent crimes.
  • Increased illegitimate births. (18% to 40.6%)
  • Increased divorce rate. 
  • Single parent homes (up to 31%)
  • Teenage suicide rising. (Suicide tenth leading cause of death in US)
  • Abortion on demand. 
  • Gone are the days of things being done on a handshake or a person's word meaning anything. 
  • Family dinners are a rarity.
  • Sex trafficking.
  • Respect for others, respect for life is rapidly disappearing.
  • Lying makes you famous, is even applauded while telling the truth is becoming irrelevant.
  • Love your neighbor?  Consideration of others is becoming another bygone.

How many people would be thrilled to receive a check for $54,559,615.00? What would you buy? Think of all the good you could do! That is a lot of money. Fifty four million, five hundred fifty nine thousand, six hundred fifteen dollars. Imagine that amount of money. Yet that number means nothing when it is the number of estimated aborted babies since Roe v. Wade in 1973 (Jan 2012). It is quickly dismissed and labeled a choice.

Our country is unhealthy. Our priorities have been hi-jacked. It doesn't need a pill, a program or a new president promising change. 

We are responsible for the culture we live in. We are responsible. We are responsible. 

We are also responsible for making the change we wish to see. The 'American dream' is becoming a nightmare.

Consider a moment the firestorm Mr. Cathy (Chick-fil-A) caused by stating his support of biblical and family values. The majority of American's claim to be Christian, claim to want these same values. Now this is considered hate and bigotry? He expressed his beliefs as an individual (in a free country) he did not refuse service or discriminate against a person based on any contrary belief. The mayor of Boston (government official) vows to ban his business from 'his' city. 

Are we too self-absorbed, too busy, too burdened to care? To fight? To speak out? To make a difference? On a whole, it seems overwhelming, impossible even. Is this the nation you want left for the next generation? 

Each of these things are connected. No domestic trend is more threatening to the well-being of our nation than the breakdown of the family. Raise your voice. Get involved. Speak up. Vote. Never quit. Never get tired of doing what is right. 

And also eat at Chick-fil-A. =)

Statistics from US Census 2008, Suicide Prevention, LifeNews, Baptist Press, Gallup Poll and Fox News.

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