Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Mom's Book Review of Evolution Impossible

Evolution Impossible – 12 Reasons Why Evolution Cannot Explain the Origin of Life on Earth by Dr. John F. Ashton

The forward written by Emeritus Professor Warren Grubb, PhD, reminds the reader that the basis of scientific research is to find the truth, and scientists, of all people, are supposed to have open minds and be willing to look at all the evidence. In my humble opinion, this book makes my must read list. Particularly, for those who went through school learning evolution and also going to church and hearing bits and pieces on creation. It is also a great book for parents, educators and older students that would like a well-organized summary on a mountain of evidence.

People (too many) do not have a strong understanding of creation, evolution or intelligent design.  Take the time answer a life changing question, 
"Why do I believe what I believe?"  
Ironically, evolution is taken ‘on faith’ just as is creation. This book clearly presents a surprising large amount of both historical and scientific evidence regarding the catastrophic global flood, evolution, age of the earth, fossils, missing fossils, DNA, dating systems and more.

Evolution, the big-bang model and the aforementioned teachings are being taught in schools, colleges and universities as fact because it is most popular among scientists, teachers and leaders. There are those who do not want to bring any notion of God into the classroom. There are those who are too intimidated to rock the boat or, flatly do not care enough to do anything different. These theories have become so ingrained in the educational curriculum that it is now considered and taught as fact when the evidence is clearly not there to support these theories. 

This book is not the opinion and beliefs of a man but a collection of many highly qualified and respected scientists and researchers and facts that are deliberately hidden from the secular classrooms. One word I have used to describe this book is captivating. While reading this book, I learned many new things. This book is well footnoted with many additional sources of information. There was a section that I struggled to understand regarding the technical/math side of the dating methods but I never lost interest in the book or material I was reading. It is under 200 pages, packed with information, written in an interesting and challenging format. 

For less than a cup of coffee...the Kindle edition of  Evolution Impossible is on sale from Amazon for $1.99.

Evolution Impossible
by Dr. John F. Ashton
ISBN: 978-0-89051-681-2
Published by Master Books
A division of New Leaf Publishing Group, Inc.

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