Friday, August 17, 2012

Needing change?

I believe there comes a time in every person's life where we reach the point where we realize a change is needed.

Maybe a time of crisis.

Maybe a time of sadness, emptiness, or loss.

Maybe a change of perspective.

But we know, something needs to change. 

Don't know how or what to do? 

Feeling like you need something more?

Feeling like something is missing?

Are you willing to take a challenge and spend 30-45 minutes a day for just 90 days? 

Give up a tv show.

Give up some Facebook or Pinterest time.

Join the group at Mom's Toolbox for the Bible in 90 Days reading challenge. 

The one thing I have seen that reminds me that the Bible is the Word of God are changed lives. 

We begin Monday, August 20th. We end November 17th. 


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  2. No, it isn't too late. We begin today. Here is today's reading and a link to the site. I am leading a group also and you may request to join the group through Amy and I'll assign you to our FB page.