Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Watch or worship?

There is music that can stir my soul, bring tears to my eyes and there is music that makes me fight the urge to check my watch and people watch. Many others I know are really struggling in this area, right or wrong, music is tied to worship and wrongly worship is tied to only being in church. Conversations with many others about worship the last few months have been frequent. These conversations have made me really take a look at what I am modeling before my children in the area of worship. If I teach them worship is going to church and standing/sitting on cue, singing a hymn and always followed by listening to a sermon, I am failing miserably. This has made me ask myself the question, "Do I watch or do I worship?" Lately, I have watched and reflected. Watched to see my children’s faces, to get a glimpse into their hearts. Now I am looking at my own.

When my firstborn was little, she would raise her hands, sing with all her might. She would listen intently and praise freely. Many witnessed the change of an entire service from this four year old belting out "Praise the Lord!" during a combined worship service with a visiting church in Texas. I see the freedom of play and singing in my young children now. I also see it slipping away and being stifled in the one place we are supposed to be worshipping and learning about God, in church. 

Here are two portions from the definition of the word worship. 
  •  The feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity.
  •  Extravagant respect or admiration for, or devotion to, an object of esteem. 
In 2 Samuel we see a worshiper and a watcher. David worshiping freely while his wife watched becoming angry and judgmental as he danced and worshiped with all his might. She didn’t want to be carried away with it all and despised him in her heart. She then even goes so far as to call King David vulgar in his act of worship.

Now go back and look at Job. He didn’t realize that he was in a spiritual battle nor did he know he would later go on to be an example for us. Job worshiped in grief, extreme loss and physical pain. When the life he knew was suddenly and horrifically sideswiped by tragedy after tragedy, he chose to worship. His worship wasn’t scripted, manufactured or acted out. He had a choice; he worshiped God. As his wife watched, she told him that he should curse God and die.

Do you watch or do you worship?Do you only worship at church?If you are a parent, what is your kid(s) view of worship?

Worship is about letting go and becoming fully aware of God. These are a few of the songs I sang and shared with my kids this morning as we did our school work. Enjoy and worship freely! The last one has a particularly strong message. 

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