Monday, April 8, 2013

How we change.

A Reflection on the people, the seasons and the events that have greatly impacted and changed my life. Most of them were not pleasant at the time; however, the worse seasons of life yield great changes for good. God purposes a harvest where He plows fallow ground. (Hosea 10:12)

To name a few:
  • An 'incurable' (mis)diagnosis of MS and/or Lupus at 21. Along with that (mis)diagnosis I was told that I would never be able to have children, (I have 3 living, 2 lost). These (mis)diagnosis's rocked me to my core, at first. I first sought treatment first in conventional medicine (disaster) which began my never ending journey to be healthy and given me a passion for life.
  • A hard fought battle with E-coli and Salmonella at 23. A close encounter with death and my mortality again. 
  • Loss. Cancer and Alzheimer's taking people I loved.
  • Becoming a mom at 32. Until I became pregnant, I actually believed I couldn't have children. This event made me want to be a better person, removed the blinders and began softening my hard heart. Becoming pregnant with my oldest is when I really began to take a look at the person I was and who she needed me to be. My children are my greatest blessings. This is when I really began seeing and seeking God.
  • Divorce. Taught me about unconditional love, honor and respect, integrity and trusting God in spite of circumstances and heartbreak. Taught me again to never quit, to get up, walk forward and press on. Still learning lessons on shame, forgiveness and judging others.
  • Friends and mentors who have loved me at my worst, given grace and loved and invested in us. Thankful for my longtime friends that have been there through the good and bad seasons of my life. 
  • Bible study and teachings by incredible men and women who love God and are faithful teachers and preachers of His Word. That is a long list... beginning from a kind preacher in Happy, Texas and my grandparents and parents and growing still today.
  • The gifts of food, essential oils, plants, herbs God has given us for food and healing our whole body. Healing physically, emotionally and spiritually... it's all connected and God is our Healer. This passion I have for using God's gifts and His method of original medicine was born out of the earlier health struggles. It isn't alternative medicine. ;)
None of these events made me perfect. I'm still meaner than I want to be at times, struggle with life, emotions and temptation. But they have made me stronger and continue to teach me. On days like today...looking back makes me so thankful for each event and the outcome in the making. I am confident God will not leave the work He began in me unfinished. (Phil 1:6)

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